VEFOUR Associates

VEFOUR ASSOCIATES began its operations in BANGALORE, in 1998, From then on we have strived hard to create a niche for ourselves while providing a one-stop solution for all building needs.

we have been offering comprehensive solutions to emerge as an expert in all kinds of building requirements. we have a substantial number of successfully completed projects with satisfied customers. A fact that makes us proud of our commitment to quality, and our faith in ourselves.
The experience, expertise and exposure that have been acquired over the years have enabled us to diversify into providing turnkey services in the construction industry, and offering single source solution and responsibility.
Our unstinting pursuit of excellence and the aim to provide you with the best is bringing us to the fore of the civil engineering industry. At the end of it, more often than not, we find ourselves further ahead on this path of continual improvement. To be honest improving on the improvements is our aim.


At VEFOUR ASSOCIATES professionalism is never an abstract or intangible concept but an essential ingredient of every procedure, process and step that we follow. Blending the right human resources, use of optimal process, and the right methodology, attention to details, to make sure that you get the best in class - value and quality.

Good enough is never good enough at VEFOUR ASSOCIATES.

By no means are we complacent. Every new day at VEFOUR ASSOCIATES marks a greater effort to strengthen our resolve in pursuit of perfection. Use of latest technology, newer and better way of executing things, training and keeping the work force updated to the latest technique and technologies. It is an exercise in the perpetual quest for perfection. Professionalism is not a mere motto but an ingrained characteristic of our approach to the job on hand.